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EF Schraeder, author of Liar: Memoirs of a Haunting

Ohio Horror Writers Association member EF Schraeder has been busy around the web. Check out her article, “Unwelcome Survivors: Rooting for Monsters”, a reflection on horror, queer identity, and otherness that traces a horror journey from Vincent Price to final girls; at  Fright Girl Summer here: https://www.frightgirlsummer.com/general-4 Schraeder was also recently interviewed at IndieMuse and Liar: Memoir of … Continue reading EF Schraeder, author of Liar: Memoirs of a Haunting

Author spotlight: John Kachuba

John Kachuba is the award-winning author of twelve books of fiction and nonfiction. His fiction includes two novels: Dark Entry, a paranormal novel, and The Savage Apostle, historical fiction. He has also published a two-volume collection of short stories, titled There Comes a Season, and has written numerous articles and poems for a variety of … Continue reading Author spotlight: John Kachuba

Author Spotlight: Rami Ungar

Rami Ungar knew he wanted to be a writer from the age of five, when he first became exposed to the world of Harry Potter and wanted to create imaginative worlds like Harry’s. As a tween, he fell in love with the works of Anne Rice and Stephen King and, as he was getting too old to … Continue reading Author Spotlight: Rami Ungar

Author Spotlight: Marvin Brown

Marvin Brown is the author of horror novels Jigsaw Man and Covet, as well as the nonfiction work The House the Lord Built. His stories have appeared in Insomnia & Obsession magazine, Dark Lane Anthology, HellBound Books and Year’s Best Hardcore Horror. Marvin lives in Akron, Ohio, with his wife and daughters. Visit his website, www.marvincbrown.com, for book excerpts, blog essays, book reviews and … Continue reading Author Spotlight: Marvin Brown

Author Spotlight: Megan Hart

Megan Hart writes books. Some of them use bad words, but most of the other words are okay. Some of them hit bestseller lists and win awards and some don’t, but that’s the way it goes. She can’t live without music, the internet, or the ocean, but she and soda have achieved an amicable uncoupling. … Continue reading Author Spotlight: Megan Hart

Ohio’s 2020 Bram Stoker Award Finalists

Congratulations to Ohio member Tim Waggoner, who is a finalist for the 2020 Bram Stoker Award for Superior Achievement in non-fiction for his book, Writing in the Dark, and a finalist for Superior Achievement in Short Non-Fiction for his article, Speaking of Horror, which appeared in The Writer magazine.

Author Spotlight: Rob E. Boley

Rob E. Boley likes to make blank pages darker. He lives with his wife and his daughter in Dayton, Ohio. By day, he manages and analyzes big data. Yet each morning before sunrise, he rises to strike terror into the hearts of the unfortunate characters dwelling in his novels, stories, and poems. His fiction has … Continue reading Author Spotlight: Rob E. Boley

Author Spotlight D.M. Guay

D.M. Guay is a big geek, huge horror fan, and loves stand-up comedy. She mish-mashes her love of all that’s scary/gory/geeky/funny into stories about creeps and critters, ghouls and ghosts, and all of the unseemly things that go bump in the night. She specializes in horror comedy and is the author of the 24/7 Demon … Continue reading Author Spotlight D.M. Guay

A free short story from Lucy A Snyder and Fireside Magazine

Lucy A. Snyder’s short story, Navigational Error, is free today on the Fireside Fiction website. Check it out here: firesidefiction.com/navigational-error Fireside Fiction publishes novels and a monthly short fiction magazine. Lucy A Snyder is the Shirley Jackson Award-nominated and five-time Bram Stoker Award-winning author of 15 books and over 100 published short stories. Her most … Continue reading A free short story from Lucy A Snyder and Fireside Magazine

Author spotlight: Anton Cancre

Anton Cancre’s mother wasn’t really pregnant with them when she went to see The Exorcist, but they tell people that anyways because it sounds cool. Their debut collection of poetry, Meaningless Cycles in a Vicious Glass Prison: Songs of Death and Love is available through Dragon’s Roost Press. They’re also a luddite who still has … Continue reading Author spotlight: Anton Cancre

Ohio Women of Horror

February is Women in Horror month. If you’re in the mood to celebrate, here is a sampling of work from members of the Ohio Chapter of the Horror Writers Association. Creeping it real, every single day of the year!


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