Cover reveal, E.F. Schraeder’s “Liar: Memoir of a Haunting”

E.F. Schraeder’s new Queer Gothic novella Liar: Memoir of a Haunting will be released in February 2021 by Omnium Gatherum, just in time for Women in Horror Month.

With dreams of escaping the midwest, two women find a place to call home in Vermont, but New England charm isn’t all they find at the Sugar House.

Who doesn’t crave a little escape? Dreaming of small town life and rural charm, Alex and Rainey find a deal on an old rustic home they can’t resist. But soon after Rainey moves, her preoccupation with weird local history and the complications of living alone in the woods take a toll. Alex worries that the long nights and growing isolation are driving her stir crazy. When the Sugar House is damaged and Rainey goes missing, Alex doesn’t know where to turn. Was it a storm, vandals, or something worse? What happened at the Sugar House? The only thing worse than wondering is finding out.

What people are saying about Liar

Check out five-time Bram Stoker finalist Lee Murray’s review of Liar here: “Liar is a disquieting slow burn tale, full of small town superstition and guardedness, and a startling study of isolation and otherness. Highly recommended.”  

Read an exclusive interview with Author EF Schraeder here: “Get to Know the Spooky Queer Fiction of Ohio’s Own E.F. Schraeder.”

You can preorder Liar: Memoir of a Haunting here at Omnium Gatherum. Here is a sneak peek at the full paperback cover!

E.F. Schraeder’s work has appeared in Strange Horizons, Birthing Monsters, Mystery Weekly Magazine, Dark Voices, The Feminist Wire, and Lavender Review. A former philosophy professor, Schraeder holds an interdisciplinary Ph.D. emphasizing applied ethics and an advanced degree in Library Science. 


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