Preorders for “Judy Garland is Not a Sunrise” are live

Preorders for Ohio member EF Schraeder's new work, Judy Garland is not a Sunrise, are live now. In Judy Garland is Not a Sunrise, E. F. Schraeder coaxes Amy Winehouse’s life from somber shadows into a powerful klieg spotlight, with insightful poems that are both dissection and homage. In “Cameras and Ink,” she notes that Winehouse is …swimming in … Continue reading Preorders for “Judy Garland is Not a Sunrise” are live


Release Day: The Pure World Comes

IT'S RELEASE DAY!!! Ohio coordinator Rami Ungar's gothic horror novel, The Pure World Comes, is now available in paperback and ebook. The story follows a maid in Victorian England who goes to work for a mad scientist and is available at Amazon, B&N, and other booksellers.

Lucy A. Snyder’s Apocalypse Apocrypha coming fall 2022.

Lucy A. Snyder’s Apocalypse Apocrypha, a visceral story set in the aftermath of the planet’s disastrous transformation and told through the eyes of three women whose lives were upended by a virus that radically alters its victims, will be published by Nightfire in Fall 2022, with another novel to follow! Learn more here: